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Explore the captivating worlds of author, Bryan Michael Hughes. Characters triumph over challenges through the magic of music and self discovery. Immerse yourself in fantastic abilities, deep relationships, and suspenseful cliffhangers. Each story weaves together accurate history and fiction. Join the Readers Rising Community and take a respite from the stresses of real life. Journey to amazing locations to meet inspiring people as well as those you will love to despise.

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Triumph through storytelling

The Novel in Progress

Peppered with vignettes based on true stories, The Soul Messenger follows the life of Michael, Bryan's real life father, as he faces challenges beyond what most do in their journey. Bryan's real life great grandfather, who was killed in a mining accident in 1947 is assigned to watch over Michael. Together they will fight Michael's demons. What Michael eventually learns is that even though he can't see them, the demons around him are most definitely real. He needs to survive to accomplish greatness that may not even be his own. Watch it develop at in real time at

The Short Story Collection in Progress

A collection of fantasies, mysteries, and engaging thrillers, these stories incorporate the excitement Bryan Michael Hughes has come to be known for. Characters who face struggles of depression, anxiety and other human conditions learn about how to face these challenges. As readers, we have the opportunity to learn about ourselves and what we can do to triumph in the face of adversity through them. A staple of the Readers Rising Community, you don't want to miss this one. Watch it develop at in real time at

About Bryan Michael Hughes

In 2018, Bryan Michael Hughes rose from the ashes of a life altering struggle with anxiety and depression. This experience caused him to reevaluate his purpose. As a life-long singing musician, storytelling had always been central to what he did well and enjoyed on stage. Formalizing this proficiency through the process of self-discovery, he became an author in earnest in 2022.

Reflecting his life experiences, Bryan’s stories highlight characters learning to triumph in the face of challenges with mental health. Themes will have a component of music intertwined. You can expect fantastic character abilities, trips to other times as well as other worlds, and suspenseful cliffhangers that will have you wanting more.


A whimsical character created by author Bryan Michael Hughes. Representing all of our ability to overcome life's greatest challenges, Philbert the Phoenix is a nerdy bird who believes in you regardless of where you are. Whether you face the daily struggle of chronic depression and anxiety, or you are experiencing a temporary moment of sadness due to circumstances, you have a support. Philbert the Phoenix is also the face of the Readers Rising Community.


A gathering place—a team—a support system for those who share in stories by Bryan Michael Hughes. This community is designed to help us all to live each day rising above whatever challenges we may face in life whether chronic or situational. You are special because you “are.” No other reason needed. Join the community on


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